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Hospital Bag Baby Kit


Small Baby Kit Includes: Baby Cleansing Wipes 8 Count

Sensitive formula hypo allergenic and fragrance free with aloe, cucumber and chamomile.

  • Size: 5" x 5.75"
  • Quantity: 8 wipes
  • Product Features: hypo allergenic and fragrance free

Our bags are geared towards Mom as most baby items are given at the hospital and baby shower. Most women do not want to take up extra space in their bag with things they probably will not use! We do include a small emergency kits w/gentle products.



* We advise you to check with your physician in regards to what you can and cannot use in our list of products as well as items you might have to add as each person is different . We are not physicians and any information given is based on opinion. We strive to deliver the most price effective yet organic and/or natural products for your hospital bag, however, please check the labels for any allergies as each individual & baby is different. Note some woman have a heightened sensitivity to some products during and after pregnancy. If you or your baby have a reaction to any of the products please stop use right away. We have taken advice from woman around the world as to what has helped them make the most out of their hospital stay. Our signature tote comes with standardized products most woman want and can use during and even after their hospital visit. Keep in mind each individual's hospital stay differs! We hope you enjoy our product! Visit our online shop for products to tailor your bag to your own personal needs.



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