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What if I place a last minute order and don't receive my bag in time?

We recommend all orders be placed 2-3 weeks in advance. This way you have plenty of time to prepare!

If something is wrong or USPS has a mishap theres still plenty of time to remedy the situation.

We do take last minute orders at your own risk. Normally they are fine! Make sure to include the date you need it by during checkout.

 We do not take returns due to hygenic reasons, but we will accept the bag back if you refuse the delivery and it's sent back unopened.


Why are the colors of your pajamas and hospital wear so dark?

We know women like birthing gowns with light beautiful colors but the reality is during labor & delivery you want dark discreet colors! Most of the time that beautiful gown they will take you out of because chances are it will be ruined!

There's also bleeding after birth (during your hospital stay and while your at home for a few weeks). This is why all of our hospital wear and pajamas are made with comfy dark discreet fabric for your comfort and convenience.


What if I don't like the clothing I bought or would like to exchange it for a different size?

We offer free 14 day returns and exchanges as long as the items are not worn.


How do I know what size to choose?

Please use our sizing chart.

Our pajamas you can normally choose your pre-pregnancy size.

Our dresses are the same! Most of our dresses are empire cut with stretch material thats very forgiving.

We do not recommend ordering dresses more than 2 months out.

Any issues with sizing you have a 2 week full exchange/refund option.

This way you can try our clothing on at no cost to you!


Where do you ship?



Do you offer expedited shipping if I need my order by a specific date?

Yes, Please for all orders note the date you need it by during checkout! This way we can have it to you in plenty of time!

If theres not an option for expedited shipping contact us on the bottom of the page.


Do you offer custom colors and dresses?

Not at this time. Everything that is listed is what we have.


I'm having trouble checking out on your site?

If your having trouble checking out please contact us or try our

ETSY shop (the links to our etsy shop is right on our homepage).



If you have any other specific questions please feel free to contact one of our sylists on the bottom of the page.

Either email us or we are available via ETSY conversation 24/7.