What To Pack In Hospital Bag


What To Pack In Hospital Bag

Packing Your Hospital Bag – What Do You Need For a Hospital Birth? When to pack your hospital bag? What To Pack In Hospital Bag?

Hospital bags are often left to the last minute, as there are so many other preparations needed for a new baby.

At the end of 36 weeks your baby is full-term so could come at any time, it is imperative to have your bag packed if you are yet to do so.

Where to start? Do not panic. We have compiled a list of essential items for your birth bag; this list is a culmination of midwives’ suggestions and mothers’ feedback over the last 2 years.

Always remember that partner’s love to be involved in the process. You could delegate some, or all, of the task of putting your hospital bаg together while you relax in preparation for the big day.

What to pack in your hospital bag?

Some people pack a whole suitcase for their hospital birth, and a few are unprepared and just manage to bring themselves. This list covers all essential items you should take to support your hospital birth.

What To Pack In Hospital Bag
There is also a list of suggested luxury items afterward which mothers have found comforting and relaxing to have with them in hospital:

Essential Hospital Birth Bag Items | What To Pack In Hospital Bag

During Labor
Sponge For cooling mother during labor
Lip Balm Thirsty work can leave you with dry lips
Bendy straws Makes it easier to drink from glasses or cups if you are focused on labor
Hairband To keep hair out of your face
Tissues There won’t be a dry eye when your baby arrives
T-shirt/Spare top Useful for either the mom or the birth partner if their top gets soiled or wet during the birth.
After Labor
Nursing Pads Useful whether you choose to breastfeed or not
Flannel Soaked in warm water and placed on your perineum after the birth to relieve soreness
Pants Either cotton or disposable pants which you are willing to throw away after use
Maternity Towels
Absorbent Mat (you can also buy disposable changing mats instead) Great for protecting the bed, chairs, car seat. Useful for when waters have broken and also to use in the first 48 hours after childbirth.
Wash Bag
Shampoo / Conditioner
Body wash
Baby Bag
Baby grow
Newborn nappies
Baby hat and mittens
Hooded baby towel For wrapping up your baby when it’s first born
Cotton buds or wet wipes
Luxury Hospital Birth Bag Items
Home from Home
Night dress Which does up at the front so you can breastfeed your baby comfortably
Dressing gown
Massage oil and massager
Lavender oil Lavender promotes relaxation and is a popular choice of oil for use in labor. It can be added to massage oil, or to water and sprayed around the room
Music and music player To create a calm ambiance for you to labor and give birth in And finally Don’t forget to put your baby seat in the car so that you can take your new baby home safely and start enjoying the new addition to your family.

Pre-Packed Hospital Bag (s):

What To Pack In Hospital Bag