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Pregnancy Hospital Bag

Getting Your pregnancy labor bag Packed

How do you pack your pregnancy hospital bag? A lot of pregnant women do not know what and what to need to pack into their pregnancy labor bag. If you have been doing some research, you will realize the much emphasis some article lay on getting your bag packed in advance.

Why Is It Important To Pack Your Pregnancy Hospital Bag?

You will not get sufficient supply from your hospital; you need to get things that you really will need during and after your child birth. In case you stay longer than the usual 24-48hours after delivery.

A lot of women are not comfortable with most of the hospital supplies and needs to get what they truly will be comfortable with during their stay in the hospital. If you are not aware of what will be made available to you by your hospital, you can ask the staff about what will be provided to you before you start making your list. You will certainly be making two lists “Yours and the other for the new born child.”

What You Need For Yourself

Here are some of the things you will require for yourself. You may add to the listed according to your Needs:

Gown- You will certain need gown or nighties that will make you comfortable. Do not take any tight Jeans as you may not require them, and also don’t go with your favorite gown as they may be ruin.

Toiletries – paste, toothbrush, soap, etc.

Lip balm- Most time the hospital room may be dry air conditioned.

Hairband – Just in case you have a long hair, you might not feel comfortable when your hair is loose and will need to band your hair.

Camcorder or digital cam to capture the magical moments

Sanitary pads- Useful for post-delivery bleeding

Socks and warm clothes – Due to the cold hospital atmosphere, you may need to get proper cover from cold especially doing winter.

Homecoming-cloth – The homecoming cloth must be in your Pregnancy Hospital Bag; you will wear a special cloth on the day you are leaving the hospital for your home.


Pregnancy Hospital Bag