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Hospital Bag Packing

Hospital Bag Packing | Packing Your Hospital Bag – What Is Needed For a Hospital Birth

It is good to start preparing what will be in your hospital bag approximately 1 month before your due date. Having your maternity hospital bag packed well in advance with everything that will be needed during and after birth is important to consider. Yes, it’s best to be well prepared so you’re not caught unaware. Hospital bag packing is easier if you create a hospital bag checklist. You can make a list and double check it because you don’t want to forget anything. You can ask a friend who has been through the same stage to help you check for what you might not ordinarily think of.

hospital bag packing

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Here are some of the obvious things that you should have in your maternity hospital bag.

Nightgown: You will be more comfortable in your own gown. Also, it is easily accessible for breastfeeding after birth

Toiletries and personal items: There won’t be a dry eye during bath; also, you may sweat more after birth, so take a tissue and deodorant.

Warm Socks and Slippers: since hospitals are known for being cold, It will be a good idea to pack some socks that will keep you warm. This will give you a better relief from the cold during the days and night you spent at the hospital. You can take Warm blankets alone.

Coming-Home Outfit: This is one of the essential things needed for the new born baby and the mother. The new baby will be clothed before leaving the hospital and the mother should be aware that she would still be wearing a maternity cloth after bath for couples of weeks. Do not take along any skinny jeans when packing; you won’t need them just yet. Also, don’t take any of your favorite clothes or nighties because they will be ruined.

Other things include:

  • Sponge For cooling mother during labour
  • Lip Balm
  • Hair band – You may want to keep it away of your face, if you have long hair.
  • T-shirt/Spare top
  • Nursing Pads helpful when you choose to breastfeed or not
  • Flannel Soaked in warm water and placed on your perineum
  • Pants- cotton or disposable pant.
  • Maternity Towels

Finally, one of the most important things to take along which is a necessity after bath is the child car seat, it is mandatory. When leaving the hospital with a newborn, you will be asked for the car seat i before leaving with the baby. The hospital may not allow the baby to leave without the proper car seat. The car set may not fit in the bag, but it is a must thing to bring along.