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Expecting a new baby? Momma, these are what to buy! Baby List MUST HAVES!

Shopping before the arrival of a baby is confusing for most! Here’s a list of ALL Your MUST HAVE baby list products. If you are worried about what you should buy for the baby you are about to welcome, here are some suggestions for your baby list registry:

baby list

Baby clothes

Baby clothes usually vary with the age of the child. However, different sizes depend on the brands. It is advisable to look out for brands which will provide the necessary information on how to select sizes for newborn babies. Most babies when newly born may even wear sizes meant for babies of 4 months; it can hardly be foreseen. It is better to buy mixed sizes even before the baby would need it; It surely won’t be a waste.


A lot of soft socks would be needed for the baby both in the house and outside the home; it would be more convenient on the baby’s legs and also allows for fresh air. Socks on little babies would allow for proper development of the child rather than shoes.


Soft shoes would be recommended for new babies because the hard ones may tamper with their development. Wear soft shoes for the first year or better socks.


Diapers are important on your baby list. You will need the daily average of 10-12. Clothes or disposables may be used with wipes. Buy in different packs so as to be able to know which one has the best reaction on your baby’s skin.


You can decide to make your own or buy or better still use warm water. It is a must have!

Baby Gear

You may be wondering why a little person will need so much gear. Baby gear ranges from Baby carrier to stroller and car seat.

Baby Carrier: I am sure you will love to have your baby so close to you and still have your two hands useful, a baby carrier is the best option for such convenience. Just make sure to choose one that would secure your baby with a firm grip. It should be easy to clean and dry.

Car seat: Be sure to go for a safer car seat, brand new one would be more advisable rather than used one. It usually comes with guidelines and expiry dates. Used ones most times are not always safe for use anymore.

Stroller: It can be useful within the house and can also be relaxed for a child to take a nap. Stroller most times eases the stressed mother goes through on a child within the house.


No, my baby won’t suck thumb, then you need to get a pacifier!


You will need 2 or more baby towels. It is used to wrap up your baby and dry the body after bath.


Go for bathing soaps that would be soft, mild and gentle on your baby’s skin.


You may consider using the kitchen sink at first before changing to a standardized and well-made bath tub.

Feeding Bottles

Buy a minimum of 6 for your new baby. New babies usually start with the one of 4-ounce size and bigger sizes as the child begins to drink more.

Bedding and mattress

A crib sheet and waterproof mattress are all that your baby needs at the early stage.


It is useful for absorbing water, saliva and catching falling food.