Postpartum Care Basket Recovery Essentials For Mom

Postpartum Care Basket Recovery Essentials For Mom



 Postpartum Care Basket 

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 Postpartum Care Basket & Recovery Essentials For Mom. Our hospital bag collection seconds as a postpartum care basket! Any NEW Mom will still need all things included in our hospital bag for her postpartum recovery. This is a great gift that Mom can keep next to her bed, couch, or nursing chair. At an arms reach she has everything she needs to help and comfort her recovery. Our Signature Mother Duck MD Maternity Bag is filled with all the essential products the new mom to be needs! Our hospital bag is stylish and includes everything you need for your hospital stay and/or postpartum recovery period. Our postpartum bag makes a great shower gift, great push gift, & a great new mom gift. After you are pregnant most of the focus is on baby, but the more comfortable Mom feels after labor and delivery…The better care she can give to her new baby! We take care of Mom!

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We also carry separate postpartum care & postpartum recovery products.  Breastfeeding accessories, nursing pajamas, soft maternity robes, plus much more!


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