Padsicles ? What The Heck Are Padsicles ???

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What The Heck Are Padsicles ???

Delivering Babies…NOT quite as fun as making them! However, Moms today have mastered ways of making the postpartum recovery process as fast & as comfortable as possible!


Padsicles are made of feminine pads that are covered with aloe vera and witch hazel. The pads are then frozen to help soothe your postpartum bottom! Many Mom’s swear that these pads have helped speed up their postpartum recovery! Keep in mind when it comes to any type of medicine or postpartum recovery technique…CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR! This is a home remedy & also contains witch hazel which is known to dry out stitches, so again check with your physician!


Basics On What A Padsicle Is:

1.Women Buy: Super Absorbent Feminine Pads (chemical free if sensitive), Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Some women also add healing oils (such as lavender to calm inflammation), & Freezer Bags!

2. They then open up the pads & pour 2T of witch hazel, 1T of Aloe Vera, & 1 teaspoon of any desired healing oil such as lavender. They then mix the ingredients onto the pads.(Some women use a spray bottle others use a spoon to spread the ingredients onto the pad).

3. They then wrap the pads back up into their original wrapping and zip them up in a freezer bag.

4. The pads are left in the freezer and are used for your postpartum recovery at home. Experienced Moms have also had their partners pack the pads into a cooler & bring them to the hospital! For those of us who have never used a padsicle before…We can only HOPE they’re as good as they sound!


Have an experience with these things? Do You feel They Helped Your Recovery? Any Other Product Ideas You’ve Sworn By For Post Partum Recovery? Please Share With Our Community Of Mom-To-Bes!!

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