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Gender Reveal Ideas

Just like belly sashes…Gender reveal parties are the new pregnancy trend! Although, for those who have never been the idea of shelling out for another gift might not be so appealing! The good news is that gender reveal etiquette does NOT require you to bring a gift! If you feel like bringing a gender reveal gift that’s at your own prerogative!

If your in between wanting to find out the sex of your baby or waiting to be surprises this is a good compromise! It’s an exciting surprise you can share with close family and friends! Plus it will avoid a ton of gender neutral gifts and your baby shower! For most it’s a NOT for a gift but just an excuse to be creative & have a party! Hey, life is short why not CELEBRATE!

For those of you who have never heard of a gender reveal party the name speaks for itself! But here’s the break down:

Fun Invites Can Be Sent Out:

gender reveal ideasgender reveal ideas

18-20 week ultrasound appointment:

When you go to find out the gender of your baby which is around 18-20 weeks, you tell the tech. to put the results in an envelope.

gender reveal ideas

Most women then will bring it to a bakery to have a cake made. The envelope with the results is given to the baker, and the baker will put pink filling for a girl or blue filling for a boy. When you go to cut the cake at your party that will be the big reveal!


gender reveal ideasOther Gender Reveal Ideas:

Other ideas people have had are balloons! Bring the results to your local party store, etc. & they will fill the box with pink balloons for a girl or blue balloons for a boy!

gender reveal ideas

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From high end to on a budget we have you covered!

gender reveal ideas

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