Maternity Hospital Wear… MUST HAVES for your Hospital Bag!

Maternity Hospital Wear… MUST HAVES for your Hospital Bag!


Maternity Hospital Wear

Best Maternity Hospital Wear!

Not only for the hospital BUT for your postpartum recovery…

maternity hospital

Maternity hospital wear is also good  for c-section recovery! No bands pressing on your abdomen!

Dark discreet colors help you keep peace of mind while recovering.

You won’t have to undress each time for examinations. Easy access for Nursing!

maternity hospitalmaternity hospital

A popular maternity item right now is the “Easter Egg” hospital gown. Your $50 designer gown will be ruined!

Soft, dark, comfy maternity pajamas are the best! Make sure to choose ones that are nursing accessible if you plan to breastfeed!

In case of c-section make sure NOT to bring outfits that are tight around the stomach. Dark discreet clothing is important! Labor, delivery, & postpartum can be messy!

maternity hospital

Pack in your hospital bag  2 to 3 Pairs of Comfy Maternity/Nursing Outfits.

After delivery you still look pregnant! You can wear your going home outfit to the hospital to save room in your bag!

maternity hospital

 Nursing tanks and comfy pants make great going home outfits.

You’ll also want them for your at home postpartum recovery!

maternity hospital

  A  Comfy Robe or Nursing Cover is ideal. It’s good to snuggle up with and makes a great cover!

You will have plenty of people in an out of your hospital room! Maternity Robes also open in the front/bottom so you don’t have to undress for examinations.

maternity hospital

UNDERWEAR. The hospital gives you huge disposable undies. If you like these take a bunch home. (Depends works well too!)

If your not into the disposable undies, pack a couple pairs of cotton ones that can be thrown out. Along with maxis!

maternity hospital

Girdle. There’s plenty of different brands out there. Until your stomach muscles recover it provides security & good support.

maternity hospital

After birth when you begin to nurse it triggers oxytocin production. Oxytocin helps contract the uterus back to it’s normal size! These uterus contractions are called postpartum after pains. The postpartum support belt provides gentle, firm belly support after childbirth.This support belt helps comfort you!

maternity hospital

Save money with these awesome Pant extender kits!

Can be worn throughout and after pregnancy as your size adjusts.


Socks & Slippers. The hospital can be cold! It’s nice to bring soft comfy disposable socks & slippers! Bring home your baby NOT the GERMS!

maternity hospital

Soft NO WIRE Nursing Bra

Great for sensitivity after delivery.

maternity hospital

Bra extenders are the perfect solution to your maternity bra fitting woes!

As your size changes, the bra back extender allows you to adjust your size by hooking on to your existing bra!

The bra extender will give you a comfortable fit during and after pregnancy as you transition sizes…without spending the money on new bras!

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