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Hospital Bag Checklist

Packing a Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag packed? If your 34 weeks+ I’m sure you’ve heard this at least a million times! Here’s our hospital bag checklist!

Don’t get annoyed…Let us Help!

hospital bag checklist

hospital bag checklist


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag…

Packing A Hospital Bag Has Just Gotten Easier! If your planning a hospital birth you should pack at least 3 weeks (if not more) before your due date. Below you’ll find a printable hospital bag checklist

The items listed are included in our signature pre packed hospital bag! If your planning to do the packing yourself your welcome to use our list as a guide! This will help you decide what essentials you need to bring!

Again, just a guide everyone has their own personal preference! The checklist provides baby products to include, but if your located in the US most hospitals provide all your baby supplies!

For Baby:

  • A going home outfit
  • Hat
  • Mittens
  • Receiving blanket
  • Jacket( if it’s cold)
  • Car Seat

For Mom:

Just ideas for comfort! Again, US hospitals provide most items!

You don’t want to over pack but a few extra items isn’t such a bad idea! When your recovering you’ll appreciate having everything at an arms reach! If you live far from the hospital & can’t send people back and forth this is especially important! Gathering items for your hospital bag is also good because whatever you don’t use at the hospital you will use at home! At home leave the items next to your bed, couch, nursery chair etc. Your bag will second as a postpartum recovery basket! Last thing you want to do while recovering (and taking care of baby!) is look for your postpartum recovery needs! Remember, The better you feel the better care you can give to your baby!

Below is our printable Hospital Bag Checklist. These are our products that are included in our hospital maternity bag collection, but feel free to Click on it & use it as a guide if your packing yourself!

Hospital Bag Checklist:




printable hospital bag checklist


(These are products that we carry but are not included in our pre packed hospital bag):

  • 2-3 pairs of comfy clothing that is nursing accessible if you plan to breast feed. Nothing tight around the stomach in case of C-Section. You can wear your going home outfit to the hospital to save room in your hospital bag. (Remember you will still look about 6 month pregnant). Maternity pajama gowns are great because you’ll be getting examined. Fancy light colored gowns will be ruined! A robe is good as it opens on the bottom and the front for exams as well. A soft maternity robe also seconds as a nursing cover!
  • A couple of COMFORTABLE Nursing Bras. No underwire!


  • Some women like to bring flip flops for showering purposes.
  • Bring breast pump if you’d like the lactation consultant to show you how to use it!
  • Some women bring their breastfeeding pillow for support.
  • A page out of the baby book for prints. Or blank T-shirt if your husband want’s a shirt w/baby prints on it.
  • And of course it’s not listed but Don’t forget the camera, chargers, & car seat 😉

* We advise you to check with your physician in regards to what you can and cannot use in our list of products as well as items you might have to add as each person is different . We are not physicians and any information given is based on opinion. We strive to deliver the most price effective yet organic and/or natural products for your hospital bag, however, please check the labels for any allergies as each individual & baby is different. Note some woman have a heightened sensitivity to some products during and after pregnancy. If you or your baby have a reaction to any of the products please stop use right away. We have taken advice from woman around the world as to what has helped them make the most out of their hospital stay. Our signature tote comes with standardized products most woman want and can use during and even after their hospital visit. Keep in mind each individual’s hospital stay differs! We hope you enjoy our product! Visit our online shop for products to tailor your bag to your own personal needs.

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