Hospital Bag Essentials 10 Must Haves


Hospital Bag Essentials! Start by writing down a Hospital Bag Checklist!  Make sure to include all your MUST HAVE

comfort items.

hospital bag essentials

You don’t want to over pack,

but better to have a little too much than not enough!

Hospital stays come with surprises…

make sure to have your hospital bag ready to go!

Mom to Be:

  • 2 to 3 Pairs of Comfy Maternity/Nursing Outfits. After delivery you still look pregnant! You can wear your going home outfit to the hospital to save room in your bag. In case of c-section make sure NOT to bring outfits that are tight around the stomach. Dark discreet clothing is important! Labor, delivery, & postpartum can be messy! A popular maternity item right now is the “Easter Egg” hospital gown. Your $50 designer gown will be ruined! Soft, dark, comfy maternity pajamas are the best! Make sure to choose ones that are nursing accessible if you plan to breastfeed. A Comfy Robe or Nursing Cover is ideal. It’s not only good to snuggle up with, but you will have plenty of people in an out of your hospital room!
hospital bag essentials

hospital bag essentials

  • Socks & Slippers. The hospital can be cold! It’s nice to bring soft comfy disposable socks & slippers! Bring home your baby NOT the GERMS!

hospital bag essentials

  • Notebook with Pen and Folder. You’ll be seeing a bunch of different doctors & nurses. You’ll want to write down important information & questions! A pocket for your ID’s/Insurance Cards as well as a Folder for your Birth Plan and papers will be essential!

* Good Tip: Bring a page from the Baby Book! The nurses will stamp it with the babies prints!


  • Water Bottle with straw. Depending on your doctors orders it’s important to stay hydrated during labor. A water bottle with straw helps if your lying down. After you reach a certain point in  your labor you’ll be restricted to ice chips.

hospital bag essentials

hospital bag packing

hospital bag essentials

  • Toiletry Kit. For your first shower after birth bring your favorite Shampoo, Conditioner, & Shower Gel. Pack travel basics Tooth Brush, Paste, Hair Brush, & Hair Clips. Makeup if you feel so inclined for pictures! Lip Balm  &  Skin Cream for dry skin & chapped lips!

hospital bag essentials

  • Lanolin & Breast Pads. Nursing pads usually will Not have to be used until your home from the hospital. However, during your hospital stay placing lanolin cream on the pads will help with soreness.
  • Not everyone likes hospital underwear. Bring some Maxis and/or  Throw Away Underwear. If you don’t use them at the hospital, you will at home!
postpartum underwear

hospital bag essentials

  • Electronics… Cell Phone, Camera, Charger, etc.!

                 * Good Tip: If you don’t mind packing it, a Nursing Pillow!


  • A Going Home Outfit. The hospital will provide the baby with clothing and all necessities during your stay. You might decide to pack a NB as well as a size up in case the baby is a little bigger.
  • Blanket.  To cover baby when driving home. A warm jacket/sweater  if it’s cold.
  • Car Seat.

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