10 Important Breastfeeding Products Other Than Your Pump!

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10 Breastfeeding Tips & Product To Get You Through Post Partum Recovery


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    Too Much Pain To Breastfeed? Try this! Protects sensitive nipples during nursing. BPA free. Nuk Nipple Shield helps protect sensitive nipples during nursing. Made from soft thin silicone for maxumum comfort. Design allows maximum skin contact so nursing feels more natural.Hygienic storage case.

  2. breastfeedingNuk Breast Wipes keep you clean while breastfeeding. Each wipe has natural vanilla extract & is made with food-grade ingredients. It’s free of artificial fragrances which makes them safe for nursing. These soft wipes are perfect for tender nipples.
  3. breastfeedingBra extenders are the perfect solution to your maternity bra fitting woes! As your size changes, the bra back extender allows you to adjust your size by hooking on to your existing bra! The bra extender will give you a comfortable fit during and after pregnancy as you transition sizes…without spending the money on new bras!
  4. breastfeedingLansinoh® Ultra Soft 36-Pack Nursing Pads. The Ultra Soft brand is exactly what it is! When you first begin breastfeeding your nipples may be especially tender. A ‘pillow soft’ pad design is made for maximum comfort.
  5. breastfeedingThis topical nipple cream, heals, protects and soothes sore cracked nipples. Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin is safe for mom and baby because it’s 100% natural. Check with your doctor to make sure you have no allergic reactions before using.
  6. breastfeedingSoft NO WIRE nursing bra for the first few days after birth. Your breast will be extra sore and sensitive.
  7. breastfeeding Nursing tanks and comfy pants make great going home outfits.You’ll also want them for your postpartum recovery at home.
  8. breastfeeding A comfy robe is good to keep you warm and acts as a great nursing cover!
  9. breastfeedingNursing pajamas are great for the hospital and for at home.You won’t have to undress each time for your examinations. Also good for home & for c-section recovery as there’s no bands on your abdomen.
  10. breastfeeding After birth when you begin to nurse your breastfeeding triggers oxytocin production. Oxytocin helps contract the uterus back to it’s normal size. These uterus contractions are called postpartum after pains. The postpartum support belt provides gentle, firm belly support after childbirth.This support belt helps comfort you & return to your normal activities!


10 Important Breastfeeding Products Other Than Your Pump! Hospital Bag Essentials For Your Labor & Delivery…

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