Postpartum. Postpartum Clothes Cheap! 3 Fashion Hacks To Save You $$$

Maternity Fashion


Postpartum Clothes Cheap!

3 Cheap Postpartum Fashion Hacks To Save You $$$

Top 3 Secret Postpartum Maternity Clothing Hacks Moms LOVE!


Let Us Help You Get Through Your Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery Without Spending $$$!


Let’s face it…There’s times during your pregnancy that you will want to splurge!

Maybe you just need a pick me up or need to buy a maternity dress for an event…

Nursing outfits you’ll eventually need a few…

BUT on a daily basis… Why spend a fortune on clothes your going to use for a short amount of time???

Fashion Postpartum Hack MUST HAVES!

Read NOW…


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Belly Band

Wear your non-pregnant pants a little longer and your maternity fashions a little sooner! This Belly Band is a seamless knit band you wear at your waistline, over your unbuttoned pre-maternity pants or over slightly big maternity pants and skirts. No one has to know your pants are undone or loose — the band smoothes everything out. The band is soft to the skin and gently grips the clothing it covers to hold itself in place. It is adjustable, you can wear full-length or fold for it up. The product stretches and will provide perfect support for your growing belly. You can wear the belly band throughout and after pregnancy, it can help you wear your favorite pre-pregnancy clothes longer and help transition you back into your pre-pregnancy clothes sooner!
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Bra extenders are the perfect solution to your maternity bra fitting woes!As your size changes, the bra back extender allows you to adjust your band size by hooking on to your existing bra, letting you extend the life of pre-pregnancy bras before you are ready to buy new ones! Bra extender allows you to increase the size of your bra between 1-1/4″ to 3-1/4″. The bra extender will give you a comfortable fit during and after pregnancy as you transition sizes…without spending the money on new bras!

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Pant Extender Kit

Wear your non-pregnant pants a little longer! You can wear them throughout and after pregnancy.

This kit gives women the versatility to transform button and slide fastening trousers and skirts into maternity wear, by simply buttoning onto your clothes.
2 polyester/cotton panels –1 blue 1 black
2 stretchy button up belly belts in different sizes
2 stretchy slide belly belt in different sizes

Contains different sizes for different stages of pregnancy & postpartum recovery.

Shop for all your postpartum care and postpartum recovery needs! Including our hospital bag collection!

The Better Mom Feels…The Better Care She Can Give!


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