15 Postpartum Recovery Hacks

15 Postpartum Recovery Hacks


Postpartum Recovery!

Hospital Bag Extras That Help!

Before baby arrives stock up on these Must Have postpartum recovery items.

If you don’t use everything in your hospital bag, you’ll need the items for your at home postpartum recovery.


hospital bag


A soft comfy ROBE! Great to keep you warm and comfortable. Use it to snuggle you and your new baby while breastfeeding. It seconds as a nursing cover. Opens in the front/bottom so you don’t have to undress each time a doctor comes in to examine you!

maternity robe

 Soft NURSING BRA. Your breasts will be sore.

NURSING PADS. Even if your not leaking put lanolin on them and use them for sore nipples.

Soft Nursing Pads

LANOLIN as long as your aren’t allergic great for sore nipples. Prescriptions at the hospital must be called down to the pharmacy.This takes time so have a few things on hand! As always these are suggestions! Before you take or use anything check with your doctor!

UNDERWEAR. The hospital gives you huge disposable undies. If you like these take a bunch home.(Depends works well too!) If your not into the disposable undies, pack a couple pairs of cotton ones that can be thrown out. Along with maxis!

maternity underwear

Instant Ice Packs. Some hospitals give them & others give you regular ice which is lumpy! Instant ice packs are much more comfy! Again if you don’t use them you will at home!

Bed Liners. Great for your bed before and after birth. Save your mattress! Also good for car in case your water breaks.

PrepH! Or Tucks…Whatever the brand witch hazel pads are a standard must have!


*GREAT TIP: If you don’t mind packing it…Your Breast Bump! Your lactation consultant will show you how to use it!


Nipple Covers. Helps with sore cracked nipples and latching.

breastfeeding trouble

More Products Great For Postpartum Recovery:

Numbing spray is given. If not ASK! It’s called Dermoplast! If you need it for home most drug stores carry it!


Sitz Bath helps hemorrhoids and tears. It fits in your toilet and you basically soak in warm water and epsom salt.


 Stool Softener for constipation after birth. Last thing you want to do is more hard pushing! Stool softener such as Colice is a great add to your postpartum care essentials!


Birthing Ball. Not all hospitals have enough. If it’s a MUST on your list make sure you check!


Girdle. There’s plenty of different brands out there.Until your stomach muscles recover it provides security & good support. Great for postpartum recovery!

postpartum belt

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