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In recent years women have become more aware of harmful chemicals that are found in everyday products! These chemicals are found in anything from household cleaners to cosmetics. Yet, there’s not much information out there! This information becomes especially important when your carrying a little one!  We ask you to join our blog & share with us your tips and advice for avoiding these chemicals! Our community of women would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, & knowledge!

Going organic with food. You can find more organic options in your supermarket then ever before! Problem is… not everyone is able to afford organic! Certain chains such as Costco now have tons of options for organic that are much more reasonably priced than ever before. From antibiotic & hormone free milk, to organic frozen vegetables, & grass fed meats you can find just about anything! If it’s something you DO eat often & can buy in bulk this sometimes is a cheaper option. Another cheaper alternative is fruit & vegetable cleaner. These cleaners reduce pesticides, waxes, & other contaminants when washing your produce. Certain pesticides have been linked to birth defects. When possible it’s best to limit your exposure! Again, read all your labels to make sure the food your buying is what it actually says it is!

Chemical Fragrances. I have to say coming down with bronchitis not so long after plugging in some air fresheners made me wonder! Not to say it was from the plugins but some contain phthalates! Phthalates are mainly used to make plastic & are considered endocrine disruptors to hormones such as estrogen and androgen. Whether it be cleaners, detergents, perfume, air fresheners, etc. In my opinion stay away! There’s always heightened sensitivity during pregnancy anyway! Who knows what chemicals go into these fragrances as they usually are not labeled! In my opinion why chance it? Stick to fragrance free! ( Make sure to read the label that it truly is “fragrance-free”)

Article: WHO | Congenital anomalies exposure to certain pesticides and other chemicals, as well as

Stay away from Personal Care Products that contain (just to name a few ) Parabens & Sodium Laurel Sulfate (foaming agent in toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.). SLS has links to poor eye development in children. It’s a known human irritant that is suspected to be an environmental toxin. It’s classified as being an expected toxin yet it’s allowed in many products that get absorbed through the skin & into our bloodstream. SLS and other known sulfates have been linked to many health issues! Paraben study In 2004 Philippa Darbre, Ph.D., a British cancer researcher found parabens present in malignant breast tumors, however, was criticized for not testing the noncancerous tissue from healthy breasts. The WHO & the U.S. Food & Drug Administration consider the chemicals safe at low levels as it has yet to be proven to cause cancer. However, if your looking to minimize your exposure there’s other options out there such as products from Burts Bees and many others offering healthy alternatives!

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Deodorant. I have a girlfriend that has used lemons as deodorant for years! I was scared to make myself a cocktail at her house! I even told her she was crazy! You know what? She’s NOT! Deodorants have a range of chemicals from parabens to phthalates and many in between. The same study discussed earlier done at Reading University in the UK, researched 160 breast tissue samples taken from females that had mastectomies. They tested the tissue for five types of parabens. One form of paraben was detected in 99% of tissue samples. While all five parabens were detected in 60% of the samples. This study was the first of its kind to demonstrate that chemicals found in things like deodorant build up in human tissues.  Antiperspirants are no better as they contain aluminum based compounds that are known to cause changes in estrogen receptors!

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Buy BPA Free. Many plastic food containers contain dangerous products. Stay away from food in cans! Bisphenol-A (BPA) is commonly found in the linings. We place our food in plastic containers, we heat our food in plastic containers, we store food in plastic containers etc. Plastic products containing BPA are linked to hormone related health problems such as cancer. What about our cookware? Our cookware comes from all over the world! PVC which is found in plastic products from cookware to toys is linked to hormone disruption and different types of health problems! Our new favorite Teflon because it’s easy to clean, unfortunately, releases PFOA at 450 degrees. PFOA studies have linked to developmental problems & cancer! Sorry! Guess it’s time for us to whip out the old cast iron & stainless steel!

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Again, We are NO experts but in today’s world (pregnant or not pregnant) we are constantly BOMBARDED with chemicals! It’s hard to avoid ALL chemicals especially when they’re ALL around us! However, it’s important to be aware, be vigilant, & thoroughly read labels so that you can limit your families exposure to these potentially dangerous chemicals!

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As this list of things to be aware of can definitely continue on…We ask you to join our blog & share with us your tips and advice for avoiding these chemicals! Our community of women would love to hear your positive thoughts, ideas, & knowledge! Whether it’s turning lemons into deodorant or using baking soda & vinegar as a natural cleaner… No idea is too big or small!


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